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David Love Memorial Fund

Enriching a Study-Abroad Semester for
Oberlin College Students

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The Fund was established in 2002 to honor the numerous academic contributions that David Love made to Oberlin College during his years of service as Instructor in Philosophy, Associate Provost, Director of Sponsored Programs, and Associate Vice President for Research and Development.  David believed in the transformative power of a liberal-arts education and in the unrivaled value of overseas travel in promoting intellectual growth.  During his service to Oberlin College, David initiated numerous programs that enabled students to experience studying abroad, conduct research and engage in interdisciplinary studies.  The David Love Memorial Fund seeks to keep alive the ideals that guided David’s work at Oberlin by sponsoring fellowships for Oberlin students studying abroad.
The fellowship provides a grant of $1500 to enable an Oberlin student participating in the Study Away Program to conduct an educational project germane to his or her academic work at Oberlin.  The grant is made in the form of a contribution to the student’s tuition bill upon return to campus, and with the requirement that the student share, via a suitable public presentation, his or her accomplishment with the rest of the Oberlin community.
To apply for a fellowship or related enquiries, contact

Contributions to the David Love Memorial Fund may be sent to the Community Foundation of Lorain County, 9080 Leavitt Road, Elyria, OH 44035, USA.

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Student Projects

Transformative Experiences

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Internship at Centropa

Marta Berg ('04, Biology and Art double major) created a documentary video for Centropa during her semester away in Vienna.

Borderlands Promotoras

Emma Rubin ('07, Comparative American Studies) conducted interviews relevant to her honors thesis on the socio-cultural role of promotoras in the Mexico-USA border areas.

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Student Projects

Transformative Experiences

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Vanishing Hutongs

Juliet Lu ('08, Politics and East Asian Studies double major) created a documentary video describing the fate of traditional neighborhoods (hutongs) as Beijing continues to modernize.

Selling Ornamentals in Tanzania

Hannah Lyon ('09, Environmental Studies) examined the role that roadside nurserymen inadvertently play in promoting environmental stewardship during her semester in Arusha.

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Student Projects

Transformative Experiences

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Educating Girls in Namibia

Rachel Rothgery ('10, Politics and African-American Studies double major) helped lay the groundwork for setting up an elementary school for girls in Niger during her semester in Niamey.

Environmental Concerns in Western China

Allegra Fonda-Bonardi ('10, Politics and Environmental Studies double major), during her semester in Beijing, traveled to Qinghai and Gansu to learn about environmental degradation and concerns of local residents.

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Student Projects

Transformative Experiences

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Reading Cervantes

Violeta Pena ('12, History and Hispanic Studies double major) examined existing editions of  Don Quijote in the Biblioteca Nacional (Madrid) to clarify the literary, editing, and printing inconsistencies between the 1605 and 1615 editions the Miguel de Cervantes classic during her semester in Spain.

Transportation in Bolivia

Eliana Golding ('13, Politics) studied the politics of expanding the public transport system to previously inaccessible neighborhoods in Cochabamba during her semester in Bolivia.

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Student Projects

Transformative Experiences

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HIV/AIDS Outreach

Madeline Stocker ('16, Politics) interned at the Namibian Women's Network during her semester in Windhoek and helped organize community groups to increase HIV/AIDS awareness.

The Netherlands Parliament in Action

Heather Crampton-Hays ('16, Politics) observed the Dutch Parliament in session during her semester aboard in Strasbourg.

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